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Hello and thank you for visiting Organica, The center for Natural healing and Staying Healthy.    Stay Healthy, Enjoy life is my motto and that is the bases of our commitment to the world.  A healthy person, in Body and Mind, that is, can be a beacon of Light and Joy and be of help to others and the environment.  

  • My name is Ebi Taebi, a Natural Health practitioner since 1997.
  • experience with natural medicine and
  • Temporary Location: 9205 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, On.
  • How long we have been doing this:  Since 1997 when we opened Organica Inc.
  • The on-line shop was on in 2003
  • Contact information Phone/Whatsapp: 1 (905) 508 - 6668 
  • drtaebi@gmail.com
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