Acu-Graph Test - Consultation and Treatment
Acu-Graph Test - Consultation and Treatment
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Acu-Graph Test - Consultation and Treatment

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Find out the Story behind Your Story!

Acu-Graph is based on the historic practice of Ryodoraku acupuncture, pioneered over 60 years ago in Japan!

 History of Ryodoraku -

In 1950, Yoshio Nakatani M.D., Ph.D. was measuring the electrical resistance of the skin in an edematous patient with nephritis, when he found a line, similar to the kidney meridian of acupuncture, that had a series of points at which increased electrical conductance was measured on the surface of the skin. He carefully checked this phenomenon in 10 other patients with kidney disease and found it present in all, while it was never present in healthy subjects. Because this line offered increased electrical conductance and seemed to follow the traditional kidney meridian, he named this line, the kidney's “ryodoraku” (ryo=good, ‘do=(electro) conductive, ‘raku=line.) A better English translation might be, “good electrical pathway."

(Cost of the Test $135 CAN. +treatment $185, Package rate @ $285 CAN)  

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