Flex JC 60 Caps
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Flex JC 60 Caps

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Gematria's Flex JC uses a blend of key anti-aging ingredients including MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, and vegetarian sourced Hyaluronic Acid to creat a reliable supplement for relieving joint and skeletal pain while supporting the rebuilding and repairing the health of joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage while providing pain relief.

Directions: Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed.
Precautions: The glucosamine sulfate in this formula is derived from crustaceans. People allergic to shellfish should consult with their physicians before consuming this product.

About Gematria
Gematria Products, Inc., based in Carlsbad, CA, creates ultra-quality dietary supplements with Qi Technology. The Qi Technology developed by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, is an electromagnetic resonance technology that enhances the bioavailability of nutritional molecules to their most natural form. The body recognizes, accepts, and assimilates the molecule more readily for greater impact on the body.
Organica inc is the only Canadian supplier of Gematria Products.

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